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Bedroom decorating ideas for your teenage daughter

Do you feel like you just blinked and your little miss is suddenly all grown up? Happens to every mom just when your daughter hits her teens…. And now it’s time to think about redecorating her room.

Your little princess who was so into pink and fairy-tale glamour is now a demanding teen whose bedroom teeters from an all-goth cave to a bright, glowing rainbow room, leaving you to wonder how to balance all of that.

IKEA’s designer moms have some simple tips that’ll help you create a room that satisfies your teenage daughter’s demands and yet retains a comfy ambience.

Betwixt and between

The teen years are those angsty times when your daughter feels all grown up one moment and like a small girl the next. So, make sure her room reflects both these concepts.

Instead of baby pink or similar hues, options in purple, mauve or lavender may make her feel more grown-up, while still feeling familiar.

A wall shelf or two to display her favourite stuffed toys from childhood will add a touch of comfort.

Multipurpose spaces

As your daughter grows, she still needs places for her various hobbies – it’s just that the activities themselves have changed a little.

Now, whether she’s in high school or entering college, she needs a desk at which to do her homework, a corner to hang out with her friends, and perhaps a corner for the arts, if she’s so inclined.

If she’s big into sports, you can even think of dedicating a wall and a wardrobe for that alone!

Quirky beds

Teenage girls love having comfy beds – throw some quirky designs into the bargain, and she’ll love it all the more.

A round bed with a gauzy bed canopy or a sturdy four-poster bed in vibrant glossy colour adds a touch of glamour she’ll resonate with.

If she’s adventurous, think about doing away with the bed altogether and go with a hammock or foldable futon with lots of cushions – but do your research before you take this call.

On a budget?

If you aren’t keen on spending a lot on redecorating, think of cosmetic changes that can still bring about a significant difference.

Decals on a white ceiling add a touch of style – if she plans to travel, you can even have a world map decal.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some picture frames she can arrange in any pattern she likes to show off her favourite friends and memories.

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