Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Your bedroom is not just a sleep sanctuary, but your very own private retreat as well! Some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating moments of your life are spent here. A beautifully designed, well decorated yet comfortable bedroom is not a farfetched thought. With some easy- to- do tips and ideas from us you are just a few steps away from the bedroom of your dreams!!


Selecting a theme before planning a bedroom decor is the first step towards a lovely slumber land. Following a single colour or a twin colour theme opens doors for uncountable design ideas to for a coordinated decor.


A bedroom makeover may not always mean an overhaul. Some simple tweaking and random stuff can add magic to your existing decor. Your bedroom walls can define a story if you dress them well. Use photo frames, wall shelves, enticing mirror options, wall stickers and ready to hang pictures that will look eye catching and do the talking.


Candles are capable of creating a magical aura almost anywhere. So next time you wish to kindle a romance in the room or energize the atmosphere, just light up a few aromatic candles and lose yourself in the bliss.


Bedroom lighting is just as important as lighting in your living or dining area. Whether you wish to curl up with a book or snuggle in your bed watching a movie, the right light can create a magic and dazzle up your private moments. Bedside lamps, scone lights and LED wall lights are some excellent ways to accentuate your existing decor and create a wow effect!


Use your green thumb to create peace, calmness and a soothing effect in your bedroom. Yes, some carefully selected potted plants can bring nature close to you without letting you move anywhere. Choose from an array of decorative pots and planters that can add colours and liveliness into your bedroom.


Another sure shot way to add splash and exuberance to your bedroom is by throwing in rugs, cushions, duvets, pillows and flowing curtains, basically all forms of textiles that give a texture, warmth and cosiness around the place.

With these ideas and a little bit of playing around, you can re-create the haven of your dreams. A place that shimmers, sparkles and radiates love and warmth!!

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