Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Girl’s Room

Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Girl’s Room

Luck is by your side if you have a bright, chirpy, giggly young girl sprinkling sunshine in your life and around the house. Planning and decorating a girls room is one of the most delightfully challenging things to do. It has all the elements of dream world and fairy tales. While deciding furniture for a girls bedroom you have to keep in mind her taste and persona, preferences and choices and dreams and desires. Here are a few amazing ideas before you decide to go furniture shopping for her abode:

SLEEPING SPACE: Bed being the most dominant element of a girl’s bedroom never fails to create a magic. A vibrant and cheerful bed with storage options and fascinating headboards looks classic while beds with canopies and floral designs give the room a princess like appeal. A splash of color can be added further by throwing in some interesting cushions and coordinated quilts to give the place a unique and personal charm.

WORK SPACE: Creating a comfortable area in a corner for studying, working or pursuing hobbies is important for the development years. Installing a study desk or a work station is a great idea to provide that much required organised space to her.

STORAGE: A girl’s room is no less than her personal castle. And in that castle she surely has thousands of knick knacks and interesting belongings to store. Chest of drawers, slim wardrobes, colourful storage boxes, wardrobe organisers, wall shelves are some of the brilliant storage solutions to store clothes, shoes, accessories, books and toys. A great assortment of storage furniture keeps the clutter away and makes the room look more organised and neat.

LEISURE: The most important element in a girl’s bedroom is a cosy happy corner that allows her to curl up, listen to music, read a book or a simple chit chat with a friend. A balance chair, cabinets and shelves to store books and CDs, an interesting mirror and a pink girlie dresser are some of the mandatory things that create a personal space in a room and are a beautiful reflection of her personality too!

Apart from the above ideas, you can also liven up your princess’s private retreat with colourful LED lights, sleek and useful clothes stands, hangers and decoration stickers. You know you have succeeded when you see those eyes twinkle and shine with happiness and joy!!

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