So many clothes, so little space: Storage hacks you need to know

Some days, it’s a struggle to find something to wear, because, apparently, we don’t have anything despite countless shopping trips that result in packed wardrobes, and probably enough clothes for three people.

But here’s the trick: The problem may have more to do with storage than the clothes themselves. That’s why it’s essential to have enough space or storage boxes, not just to save them but make your room look effortlessly stylish as well.

And yes, there are numerous solutions thanks to IKEA’s stunning range of storage products! Let’s find out how to declutter your closet and learn some cool storage hacks and home décor ideas.

Storage beds

  • We all know storage beds are a brilliant concept. Unlike big, bulky, traditional beds, storage beds can be both practical and stylish.
  • There is a much wider range out there than ever before to choose from. You can also get a bed with a headboard that can double up as storage.
  • A decluttered and spacious room is the key to a quiet mind, body, and soul.

Use your walls

  • Wall shelving units and cabinets are great for adding some much-needed extra space in your home or apartment.
  • Put wall space into use creatively; it keeps the room decluttered and gives you necessary storage without breaking the bank or breaking your heart when you have to throw or give away some of your favorite clothes.

Storage doubling up as a coffee or occasional table

  • We can’t obviously serve coffee without coffee tables, so we add a beautiful, sophisticated piece to the center of the room. But why not consider this surprising trick that’s great for smaller spaces? Use a storage chest instead.
  • It can be both a table and storage for clothes or any other items.
  • It’ll also give a cozy, vintage feel to the interiors.

Curtain rods aren’t just for curtains!

  • You cannot increase your closet size indefinitely (sadly), but you can create more closet-like space using corners.
  • Open closets are the best way to maximize your space and still make your room look organized and neat.
  • Also, they’re an easy alternative and quick to get into place – and IKEA has some perfect items that won’t break the bank.

Just put together some clothing racks and curtain rods, and tada! You’ve got your open closet with lots of storage so you don’t have to give up on clothes.

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