Greenery is good for the mind, no matter where you place it in your home. Perhaps you haven’t thought about incorporating plants in your bathroom yet, but here are some ideas for you from IKEA.

Keep lighting in mind when buying plants for the bathroom, because even the hardiest plants need at least a bit of light and bathrooms are usually quite small with minimal lighting.

The best way to give plants light is to place them along the windowsill or get fluorescent light bulbs.

IKEA also recommends you get smaller potted plants, as most bathrooms are cramped for space and you wouldn’t want a big plant pot taking up more space.

The best option is to get planters that hang from the ceiling, or ones that you can drape down from a shelving unit against the wall.

Here are some plants that we believe are great for the bathroom:

  1. Aloe Vera

    The gift that keeps on giving, aloe vera plants are some of the hardest to kill. So, if your thumb is far from green, this is the plant for you.

    It is a very useful plant to have at home as the vitamins and minerals in the aloe vera gel are good as topical treatments for the skin. Another good thing: the humidity in the bathroom alone meets the plant’s water requirements.

  2. Bamboo

    As it needs very little light to grow, here is the perfect plant for bathrooms with no windows. Bamboo does not even need soil, so you can simply place it in a container filled with pebbles and water. Just make sure to change the water every 2-3 weeks.

    Bamboo grows super-fast, so make sure to shape it regularly or place a physical barrier such as a shelf above it.

  3. Orchid

    Want to give your bathroom a subtle feel of a luxurious spa? Orchids are the perfect plant to achieve this. Place them on the windowsill where they can get an adequate amount of light.

    The high humidity of a bathroom serves as orchids’ natural environment and the flowers’ compact nature makes them perfect for small bathrooms. So you can even perch an orchid next to the wash basin or at the corner of the bathtub.

  4. Chinese Evergreen

    Probably the most durable plant you can grow, the Chinese Evergreen is tropically beautiful in its ways, streaked with white or yellow.

    These plants thrive well in low light and prefer warm temperatures and humid conditions. So, again, this is a good choice for your bathroom.

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