Best Tips on Setting Up Your Patio

If you enjoy a bit of fresh air every now and then, or love a nook to call your own, the patio is probably one of your sacred spaces. From years of experience, IKEA’s design leaders know that you can set up your patio in so many different ways, depending on your mood, the weather or even a specific style aesthetic.

But, at the end of the day, what matters is that you’ve created a space you can call your own, a location you can proudly show off on Instagram, knowing you’ll soon have all your friends inviting themselves over.

So here are some fun ways you can set up your dream patio. Pick one of them as your next weekend project for a quick little home renovation with minimal effort.

1. Statement Sling Chairs & Artsy Tables

If you want your patio to have an artsy vibe, try a couple of hammocks in solid colours and get creative on them with fabric paint!

Bring in a quirky table, an upcycled lampshade and some unusual framed prints to create a space that screams artsy-chic.

2. Wicker & Teak Touches

If you’re aiming to achieve the comfortable-but-expensive feel on the patio, then investing in a teak breakfast table and a few wicker chairs are just what will do the trick.

Buy them all in similar colours as a bonus.

3. Tiles & Flowers

For a touch of Mediterranean magic, tile the floor of your patio and let a bougainvillaea grow wild in a pot. The bright pop of pink will pair beautifully with neutral tiles.

Throw in some beautiful coordinating patio chairs and it will really tie the whole look together.

4. Outdoor Cooking Heaven

Remember all that talk about the patio being a comfortable haven to unwind? Well, what better way than to turn it into a barbeque and lounge area!

Choose some eye-catching bar stools and get a pretty cabinet to store beverages and barbeque staples in. This’ll turn your patio into a coveted hang-out spot.

5. Trees & More Trees

Try and create an enclosed space by planting trees with straight trunks and spreading canopies around the patio to give you a warm, sheltered feel.

They can give you shade during the day and you can string lights on them for the evenings.

Which do you like best? Will you be relaxing on your hammock or throwing a mega barbeque? Let us know!

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