Putting stuff away into storage is probably everyone’s least favourite chore as the season changes. How can you most efficiently put away your summer paraphernalia, while perhaps even enjoying it?

Here are five tips, from IKEA, you don’t want to miss.

1. Labels

  • Remember to put away similar items together: gardening tools in one box, swimwear and swim toys in another, summer dresses and flip flops in similar locations.
  • And then, label everything. So, the next time summer rolls around, all you need to do is read through the labels on top of each box that’s in storage.
  • This way, there will be no messy opening, unpacking and frustrated repacking.

2. Stack Stack Stack

  • An important part of putting things away is to stack them right.
  • Whether you’re using Ziploc bags or boxes or suitcases, arrange them in a manner that is space-saving and efficient.
  • Remember to properly seal the lids or openings of your boxes so that nothing gets damaged while they’re in storage for the rest of the year.

3. Use Storage Wisely

  • Most of us have several kinds of storage spaces in our homes – overhead storage, cabinet storage, wall storage etc.
  • Always plan your storage in advance so that the right-sized boxes and bags go into the right cabinetry.
  • For instance, it makes more sense to have single, large boxes go into your overhead storage instead of several small mismatched boxes.

4. Give Stuff Away

  • Now that you’re finally putting away all the clutter from the summer, you get that much-needed chance to carefully go through your things.
  • This is a good time to give away the clothes that your kids have outgrown, or the large toys that they no longer play with, or that summer dress you’ve been holding onto for the last seven summers.
  • Believe us, you’ll thank yourself when you see how much space you just freed up for yourself – and you’ve donated something to charity too!

5. Make It a Family Activity

  • One way to have fun and really get into the mood to tackle this gargantuan task is to make it fun and get everyone to participate!
  • Put someone in charge of sorting, someone else in charge of taping things closed – you could even have a little helper make the labels for you.
  • Get everyone involved and lighten the mood! Remember: it’s only a chore if you make it one.

Here’s to better sorting and storing!

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