Just as your body needs a detox from time to time, your house needs one too. Synthetic materials are harmful to the environment, and for your home and health as well. But don’t worry: You do not need to take revolutionary steps to change this.

Using curtains, upholstery, cushions, bed linens and textiles made of natural materials such as hemp, linen and organic cotton is key to bringing nature and sustainability into your home and personal space.

This will not just boost the health of your home, but your interiors will also be on-trend because the impact of nature on design is being pursued a lot more in the last couple of years. Plus, natural elements promise timeless décor as the use of these materials has been a part of design longer than the interior design itself!

Here are a few simple tips from IKEA experts on how you can introduce natural materials into your everyday life at home:

For easy sleep

Luxurious and bound to help you sleep better, investing in organic cotton sheets and natural linens is a good idea, especially because it adds a welcome texture along with comforting warmth and cosiness, making bedtime even better.

For the walls

Wallpaper made of natural materials such as hemp will enhance the sensory aspect of your home. Another wonderful material is seagrass, which despite its name, refers to flowering plants woven together by cotton threads that can be used as textured wall coverings.

For storing things

Baskets made of materials such as jute are practical and highly decorative as well. They have the capacity to hold a lot of items inside and will bring a natural, rustic ambience to any room you choose to use them in. IKEA has a wide range of storage items made with natural materials, so why not check them out online now?

For furniture

Furniture has been created using rattan for a long time now. This material is quite similar to bamboo and is in fact one of the oldest natural fibres in furniture making. Strands of rattan are braided together to create furniture and other goods that are super stylish and fit almost any room in the house.

For welcome mats and floor mats

Extremely durable materials such as Coir made from coconut fibres are used to make doormats and other eco-friendly items. Another natural fibre is Sisal, which is hardwearing and strong and will be a great addition for the kitchen or other spaces where there is a lot of activity and wear!

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