Bring summer right into your home with your very own ‘plant gang’. You don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb or spend a lot of money, because plants are one of the easiest ways to enhance your décor.

Let’s get right to it with our top tips!

Pick the right spots

All you have to do is pick a sunny spot, preferably a window sill or even a table near the bed. This way, your plants will get the necessary light.

You can decorate the spot with a mix of climbing plants and flowers that are in season.

Depending on the height of the windowsill or table, you can place or hang a combination of vases for an impressive display.

An important factor is knowing which parts of your home certain breeds of plants and flowers will thrive in. For example, orchids need bright light so they are perfect for sunny rooms.

Frame the favourites

Books aren’t the only places you should press your favourite flowers into. You can easily use two glass frames to press branches or leaves of your plants between.

Frame this up on the wall, and you’re prolonging the season while letting yourself enjoy the slow shift of the colours.

IKEA has a wide range of frames that will help you put together a colourful display – make sure to incorporate frames of different sizes and shapes.

Simple charms

You don’t have to go all out, because a couple of vases with single, fresh-cut flowers goes a long way in instantly brightening up a side table or a cabinet.

The change is immediate and this way, you can always add, switch and mix it up whenever you feel like doing so.

Design a display

Using a cart or a bench, you can create your very own display of greenery.

Purchase some quirky little pots for the shelves in different shapes and sizes or go for a theme.

Either way, we guarantee there’s very little to beat your very own plant sanctuary in a corner of your house.

The statement plant

If too many plants are a strict no-no, then the perfect way to add in the green is to plop large potted plants next to the couch or your favourite chair in the living room.

From a Norfolk to a Kentia Palm, or simply a Dracaena, a statement plant will be a bold and beautiful addition to your home.

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