Buy A Shelf Or Cabinet For Your Child’s Schoolbooks

Buy A Shelf Or Cabinet For Your Child’s Schoolbooks

Books are the best friends your child would ever have in life!!

School books, story books, dictionaries or encyclopedias – books teach, guide and motivate young kids. However, if you lack a proper storage option for your child’s books, it may turn into one big messy clutter around the house. Here are a few smart tips to keep in mind when you choose bookshelves and storage units for your young readers –

STUDY NOOK– A study table with cabinet cum shelf space would probably be a smart solution to store the books. Not only does it keep all the clutter in one place and makes it easily accessible, but could also be a great idea if you have a space constraint and don’t want cramping up the kids room.

COMPACT NOOK – Yet another interesting option is a Loft Bed, which is a hot favorite with the junior brigade. A loft bed combo with a study table below, shelving unit and cupboard at the side is a trendy and space saving idea. A separate unit like this gives your kids a sense of belonging while creating their own study and storage space. Apart from this, a bedside bookshelf is also a perfect choice for those bed-time reading sessions while curling up and cuddling together!

 TIDY NOOK – For a tidy nook you can go ahead and choose a chest of drawers that never goes out of fashion. A chest of drawer with various drawer combinations, gives you ample storage space for putting away schoolbooks, art and craft or miscellaneous supplies. While white or brown chest of drawer is always in, you can also go for a riot of colors to add a zing to the kids’ room!!

TRENDY NOOK – If you are bored of the regular storage solutions, you could go in for a combination of wall-mounted shelves, fitted strategically where your child can reach easily. Movable storage cabinets allow you to dabble with creating a new look every now and then by moving them around or pushing them under study tables in a space-starved room.

With school going kids, no storage space is ever enough. Having a dedicated storage solution for your little ones school books is the best way to get them organized without putting in much efforts. Not only will it save you from some last minute panic when the school opens, but also allows them an easy access to books during homework times!!

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