There aren’t a lot of things more sentimental that receiving something handmade, so warm your loved ones’ hearts this New Year by getting your kids to try making these fun cards!

  1. Fingerprint Cards

    IKEA believes that New Year’s cards should have lots of colour. So, let the kids get creative and messy making cards painted with their fingerprints.

    Ask them to draw out a picture they like, then dip those little fingers into carefully separated globs of paint and watch them leave their mark! It’s super easy and they can make any design they like.

  2. Origami Magic

    An origami and craft session rolled into one: Learn a few tricks or get someone who knows origami and teach the little ones’ step by step.

    Cards don’t always have to be the same old square ones, the New Year calls for new things, so why not a bird- or flower-shaped New Year’s card?

    The kids are going to have lots of fun seeing animals and other shapes come to life on their desks.

  3. Glow in The Dark

    We all love things ‘glow in the dark’, not only children. Purchase some glow in the dark paint from your local crafts store and let them paint on dark paper.

    This is where their imagination can run wild. All shapes and characters will begin to unfold and the recipients of the cards will love to receive something that glows in the dark this New Year.

  4. Sand Art Cards

    All you will need is a lot of glue, sand and pencils to draw with!

    The little ones can start off by drawing shapes they like on paper or big lettering that can be layered over with sand.

    Simply spread glue over the areas they want covered in sand, and let them sprinkle the sand over the cards, shaking off the excess when done to have their very own sand art “Happy New Year!” cards.

  5. Newspaper Collage

    Get creative and let them word hunt. Let them point out which words, lettering and images they would like in their cards so that you can cut them out for them to stick.

    A collage made of newspapers is a fun way to write down a message for a loved one to wish them a happy New Year. At IKEA, we think this is a great way for them to have fun and learn too.

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