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Check out these 4 spooky Halloween ideas from IKEA!

At IKEA, we know how to make every occasion special – and we pride ourselves on having something for everyone, no matter what the season. And at the end of October, it’s time for everyone’s favourite spooky festival. So get ready to embrace your dark side and enter into a festive spirit with IKEA!

It’s ‘trick or treat’ time!

Halloween – also known as All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve – is observed in many countries on October 31. Although originally a Christian holiday, it’s very popular with kids and adults today thanks to so many fun activities: trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns, bonfires, apple-bobbing, and playing pranks.

This October, bring Halloween into your home and entertain your family and loved ones with these funky but easy and affordable Halloween decorating ideas to give your home the ultimate in spooky fun!

Candlelight thrills!

Get the whole family involved in some DIY décor this Halloween! Ditch the traditional pumpkin carving and hollowing – up the fun with spray paint and tape instead. Paint pumpkins black and make spider-web designs around them with brightly coloured tape. Spice up the scary factor with some funky candles from IKEA’s vast collection.

Or go for an abstract art project using paints and art supplies – make your own witches, ghosts and broomsticks with easily available home products. Try a confetti and pumpkins combo for a totally fun look that even your toddlers will love going wild with.

Create your own scary forest effect at home!

Succulents are perfect for weather conditions in the UAE and they’re ultra-trendy right now, the world over. Bring these hardy yet pretty plants into your home to give it a delightful yet spooky touch of greenery. Put Halloween pumpkins on a planter on your porch, window sills, or coffee table. Set your succulents on top, around, or in between them and whether your pumpkins are orange, yellow, white or any other colour, they’ll contrast beautifully with the green.

Pumpkin centerpieces!

Highlight warm conversation and meals with family by decorating your dining table with a pumpkin centerpiece. Stack different sizes and shapes and try different colours: reds, yellows, even dark pinks and greens – these will heighten the festive look. Get your kids to hollow out a few pumpkins and place candles inside and around them for that perfect Halloween touch.

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