Choosing the Best Dining Textiles For Your Dining Table

Your dining table is not just a place to have meals, but also a style statement that defines your uniqueness and individuality. With stores brimming with multiple ideas for dining textiles, dressing up your table could be super fun and exciting. Believe it or not, you can add a zing and splash to your mealtimes by choosing the right textiles for your tables and chairs. Here are a few guidelines and tips about what and how to choose when your table needs new apparel:

SPREAD IT OUT: Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about table spreads and table clothes here that add style and elegance and make your table look neat and organised. Colour, pattern, design and fabric are entirely your choice and depend largely on your existing decor and table dimensions. Striped and light colour cotton spreads create a magic in outdoor settings or day time meals. Dark and solid colours and plush fabrics like satin can be used in a more formal setting.

A CUSHIONED LIFE: A great dining experience is all about comfort and warmth. Adding chair pads and cushions to your dining chairs provides a relaxing atmosphere and makes it easy for people to sit for long hours if meal times extend. Apart from that, it is an instant makeover trick that makes your dining seats look more appealing and stylish.  Chair pads come in a variety of materials, thickness and designs for you to choose from. Added benefit if you go for ones that have a non-slip treatment and have strings to hold them in place!

RUNNERS RULE: Accessorising your table with Table runners and placemats enhances the beauty and adds warmth to your mealtimes. While it should coordinate with the chosen table spread, extra care should be taken while deciding the fabric and material. Mats that hold your plates should be durable and easy to maintain and clean. Use jute mats for a rustic look and cotton or linen for a contemporary touch.

THERE’S MORE: The options are endless if you wish to play with designs and colours while entertaining and serving your guests. In addition to the above mentioned textile elements, you may also choose interesting napkins, pot holders, coasters, tea towels and fabric breadbaskets for a dining experience that is matchless and unique, just like YOU!

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