Hallways are one of the most-neglected areas of houses, because we tend to focus more on rooms. However, these spaces are usually the first thing guests see when they enter your house. So, in a way, the right hallway décor sets the tone of the rest of your home.

That being said, you have to be careful with hallways, because several factors – design, functionality, a sense of comfort and welcoming – need to be taken into consideration. Whether you are looking for relaxed glamour or a bright hallway, here are some top IKEA tips to jazz up your hallways.


Before you start redoing your hallway, it’s important to remember that it’s an unusual space. So always have a plan in mind and keep things organised.

These corridors can be quite versatile: from using it as a space to display artwork you admire, or making it functional with furniture, or even using it for storage, you can do a lot – provided you keep it organised properly.


Even if you’e got a narrow hallway, just using a bright and distinctive wallpaper is a wonderful way to enliven a corridor.

This way, with the wallpaper taking most of the visual weight, you can also reduce the number of objects or furniture that you need to place in the narrow space to make it come alive.

Storage space

A hallway is more than just foot traffic, so you can utilise it to the best of its abilities with one of IKEA’s console table, or a storage unit with tilt-out shelves to create storage in a tight space. A small side table at the corners works well too!


If you’ve got a narrow hallway, mirrors are perfect, because they make the corridor appear bigger than it is. Also, if the hallway leads into the house, a mirror is a practical addition that helps guests check their appearance as they walk in, or even you to take a final look before you head out the door.

And you don’t have to go staid: IKEA has a wonderful collection of mirrors in all shapes and sizes, so play around and choose something bright and lively.


If you are dealing with a long, narrow corridor, an area rug or a runner will bring in a warm aspect, adding visual weight and a textured feel.

If your flooring is cold tile or even wood, this is an effective way to add in a touch of colour and warmth!

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