We’re in love with colour here at IKEA, so we thought we would put together some of the best palettes we’ve seen being used by top designers in almost every kind of living space. It is safe to say that embracing of bold colours and unique combinations are here to stay for the new year!

Here are the best colour schemes you need to try in 2019!

  1. Soft Blues and Grass Greens

    More soothing than a lot of colour combinations and bound to remind you of a holiday you took with your family when you were very young, soft blue walls and grass green textile elements peppered throughout the room create an ambience of healthy living. It is all about the little things that come together to create the whole.

  2. Mint Green and Pink

    Beautiful in its unique ways, this colour palette is wonderful for any accessories you buy for your home. We have seen mint green walls with pastel pink sofas pushed back against them, and much more. This is a colour palette that is likely to invoke a dream state within your home.

  3. Moody Blues and Browns

    Blue is a colour that never goes out of style, and rightfully so, as it has been the world’s, and IKEA’s, favourite colour for years now. In this case, mixing navy blues with browns may seem like it will make the space dark, but it is perfect for a cosy seating area. Save the blue for the walls and add the components of brown through the furniture and textiles.

  4. Blushing Rouge and Cream

    A playful yet daring palette, it’s the in thing this year. Creamy interiors will let you play with colours, while the red details will make a traditional room bright and modern. Red accents are your best friend, so consider side chairs, cushions or even cabinets in this deep colour to accent the elegance and the feeling of luxury that the lighter tones bring.

  5. Emerald and Black

    Not entirely the witches’ den you might be picturing in your head, this combination brings you a classy interior that celebrates everything green. Black wallpaper with beautiful designs and rugs with emerald and black snaked across it can act as a statement piece within the room.

We hope you try some of these unique combinations for your living spaces. Adding colour and mixing different shades together is simple, yet way more effective than you might imagine. In the new year, we at IKEA hope you embrace the love for bold colours and experiment to your heart’s content.

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