Colourful additions to your child’s life

Colourful additions to your child’s life

When it comes to decorating kid’s rooms, we often think of going with the pink and blue themes for girls and boys respectively. Though this simplifies our work and delights most children, what if your kids want something refreshingly different? What if your daughter wants to be an astronaut or an adventurer and your son wants to be surrounded by nature? The same way your rooms are an extension of your personality, your kid’s rooms should be a reflection of their unique preferences. Keep this in mind when you help them decorate their rooms.

The easiest and most budget friendly way to update the look of your child’s room is to change the furnishings such as curtains, rugs and bed covers. Rather than working with what’s on offer, ask your children to name their favourite colours, characters from books and TV shows and things that they want to do when they grow up. Use this as a mood board to create a new look for their room and help them keep in touch with their dreams as they grow up.

For the girls, start with the right bed sheets and quilts. You can choose fitted sheets in their favourite colours and then cover it with patterned bedspreads or quilts. A playful print of a princess gives more room for imagination than a Disney princess. A more adventure loving child can work with animal prints. Accessories such as heart pillows and canopies add a personal touch to the bed.

For the boys, you can go with animals, planes and vehicles, making them great design options for their sheets and quilts. Instead of a canopy, try a bed tent since this is one thing that pretty much all kids love and with a bed tent, they won’t have to make one from scratch using your sheets.

Curtains and Rugs

Go for curtains in a complementary pattern. Curtains filter the light therefore something that’s too busy or bright can flood the room in some crazy colours. If your child loves that, then go for it. Choose rugs that can handle heavy traffic because kids are famous for playing on the floor with their friends. Get one with animal foot prints for more fun.

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