Cook Easily With the Right Kitchen Accessories

Cook Easily With the Right Kitchen Accessories

Cooking efficiently and churning out delicious food every day is what a cook desires. Apart from high-quality cookware, smart accessories can help you complete your kitchen chores quickly and save a big chunk of your time, energy and resources. Here are some handy kitchen accessories that can make your life easy in ways more than one –

Pot inserts help to use your cookware in many different ways. A pasta insert for instance, sits in a large pot. When the pasta has boiled all you need to do is pull out the insert with the pasta in it. There’s no messy pouring into colanders and no danger of splashing hot water.

A Steamer-insert is indispensable since it makes steaming tender-crisp vegetables ever so easy. A basket steamer is fold-able and can fit into pots of different sizes. It can be used for dumplings, vegetables and even corn. Another kind of steamer-insert fits into the top of the pot and can be used to steam food while rice is cooking in the base of the bot.

Boiling inserts allow you to boil several items at the same time in a large pot, thus saving energy and time. These can clip on to the side of the pot and you can place multiple boiling inserts in the pot. A detachable handle can be used to lift out the steamer once the food is boiled.

When you don’t want to cover a pan but want to avoid being splashed and burned with hot grease, a Splatter screen comes in handy. These are made with a fine mesh that allows steam to pass through but not drops of oil. So, whether you are frying eggs or deep-frying frozen cutlets, a splatter screen is great to avoid a mess.

Multi-use pot lids fit pans of varying sizes so you don’t need to juggle multiple lids and scramble for matching lids. And if your microwave is often grungy with food and spills, a plastic microwave lid is what you need to prevent this. Pot stands and trivets are useful accessories since they protect your counters and tables from hot dishes.

Keep these smart kitchen accessories at arm’s length and you will find cooking easier than ever before!

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