Creative furniture solutions for your children’s bedroom

Creative furniture solutions for your children’s bedroom

A bright and colorful room designed for a well-rounded child is much more than a place to play and sleep. It gives the child not just a sense of ownership, responsibility and identity, but also allows their budding personality to emerge in a safe and comfortable environment.

The bed is often the focal point of a bedroom and the piece of furniture that gets the maximum usage. An extendable bed frame that grows with your child is a great choice, especially if it has low bed rails for safety. If you are looking for a creative space-saver, opt for a loft bed with a desk and storage underneath. With sharing space for siblings, a bunk bed is a good investment – practical and fun.

At playtime, a child-sized table with chairs or stools brings about a spirit of co-operation and is ideal for group activities. Fans of swing sets will love having a rocking chair to snuggle into. A collapsible tent, tunnel or canopy is also a fantastic idea that encourages physical activity and stirs up that active imagination.

It is essential to plan out a comprehensive system of storage for clothes, toys, books, games and all the other items that kids collect. Look for a solution that lets you create a customized combination of pieces like wardrobes with low hanging rods, cabinets with doors, stacks of drawers and open shelves. This can be complemented with large baskets set on the floor to pile on stuffed toys, or boxes with lids for miscellaneous items.

Once children start school, a quiet and clutter-free study area is a must. A desk with hide-away storage beneath the top, or a simple table and chair combo with a wall-mounted add-on storage unit above it – they all work well. If your child enjoys reading, a bookshelf where she can create his own library is a wonderful idea. Low-lying colorful drawers are a great choice for storing clothes, books, toys and stationary.

Create a cheerful haven for your child to grow up in by fitting the bedroom with functional and imaginative furniture and accessories. It will all help mold her interests and emerging individuality.

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