Cushioned Comfort at Home

Cushioned Comfort at Home

Assorted Cushion - IKEA UAEMy wife and I recently got married after knowing each other for more than 5 years. We’ve just moved into a new home in a lovely new location and while it took quite a toll on our savings, I’m really happy with the place. It’s spacious and comfortable. We even decided to keep a spare room and plan ahead for a kid. This offers us room to manoeuvre; and in an age of inflation and rising property prices, gives us some leeway so we don’t have to move again in a few years’ time.

By habit, she’s a meticulous person who pays detailed attention to home aesthetics.  So I knew that home shopping was going to be a battle; especially for someone like me who’s never really cared much about these things. She coaxed me into taking a day off work to shop for sofas and beds. If my boss knew the truth, I assure you my days at my job would be numbered!

We hopped around the city and visited few stores based on the research she had done online. The Internet has surely simplified our lives. Finally we dropped into the IKEA store, which I must admit was quite a happening place.

A friendly store executive took us through the various sofa and furniture products they had to offer. I could tell that my wife was quietly impressed with the variety on offers. She thoroughly checked the sofas and even the beds and ensured that I gave each one of them a shot too. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. The layers of cushions they put on these things were unbelievable. They were just so comfortable. It made me wonder what I had been sitting and sleeping on my entire life!

I know my wife doesn’t just make decisions. She analyses situations and covers all her angles before she invests in a product; especially a product like this, which is a relatively long-term acquisition. While we had furniture from our old homes, sofas and beds were something we needed to buy. After testing various other products, she finally settled on a dual-purpose sofa bed in a dark grey shade. I thought it would look great in the living room and seemed a good bargain at the price we were getting it at. I couldn’t hide my surprise, but I was glad that all in all it was a fruitful day.

Home shopping has never been my thing, but at least I can look forward to spending some time on my new sofa-bed and relishing the cushioned comfort it has to offer!

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