Decorating your home this Ramadan? Here are a few simple ways of enhancing the interiors of your home or majlis, as you welcome guests to celebrate the Holy Month. A little DIY project is also the perfect way to get the children involved.

  1. Picturesque prints

    Quotes, Quran verses or just Arabesque patterned prints are all great ways to welcome the calm and peace of Ramadan into your home. And decorating your walls with simple designs will also liven up the room!

    Prints and photo frames can always be switched up according to the season or kept as long as you wish, which is a plus!
    Wall decals are also a good idea if you are looking for a more permanent addition.

  2. Lovely lights

    From fairy lights to candles and lanterns, an illuminating glow spreading through your house will add to the elegance of your home, making for cosy Ramadan evenings and nights.

    IKEA has a wide range of lanterns, candles, and electric candles that you can choose from. Glass candle holders can be placed at intervals around the house with scented tea lights to really amp up the ambience.

  3. Ramadan reminders

    Given the religious aspects of this season, it is important to give yourself and your loved ones some soul food as well.
    A chalkboard can help with keeping track of prayer timings, a countdown to Eid and other important things you might need reminders for.

    Make sure to put it up somewhere everyone can see it.

  4. Wonderful wreaths

    Be it paper lanterns, drawing crescent moons and stars on the walls or decorating with wreaths and garlands, this is the perfect way to get the children involved in a little DIY project, getting them excited about the spirit of Ramadan.

    Make a trip down to the IKEA stores to find materials for your crafting sessions! From decorative paper to colourful strings, there is a lot to choose from.

  5. Awesome artwork

    Interiors that exude calm and inspire patience go a long way to creating a fulfilling space this month.
    Art is always a minimal addition that is capable of shifting the ambience of the whole room, so make sure you pick carefully.

    Try introducing some landscapes or other photos that enhance the room, and avoid portraits of people and animals.

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