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Décor trends you should know about

When it comes to home décor, the internet is a blessing. It helps us stay in touch with the latest trends on what’s in and what’s out!

With each year, a lot of us look forward to making a few positive changes in our lives. Home décor changes aren’t an exception.

Thanks to IKEA’s abundant product ranges, a change can be a great way to break the monotony. So, let’s look into what’s hot and what’s not!

  • No more paint!

  • Natural wood finish is the new ‘in’ thing.
  • Don’t conceal the wood in your home with paints. Instead, expose their natural beauty with wood polish.
  • Go for wooden kitchen cabinets if you have the option. They give a richness and sophistication to the kitchen that’s well worth it.
  • High ceilings with wooden beams are also very much in style.
  • Go green!

  • Greenery around the house is a trend that doesn’t seem to fade.
  • Create your own little green island in your balcony or just pepper the entire house with indoor plants in eye-catching stands.
  • Plants add freshness to the home without ever giving the feeling of “too much”.
  • They also add a lot of positivity and health benefits.
  • Simple is elegant, less is more!

  • Neutral colours are more in style now than loud and bold hues.
  • So, keep the tones of the walls subtle and accentuate them with simple, multifunctional furniture – something IKEA specializes in.
  • The trend is no longer about compromising on functionality for style. Check out IKEA’s unique, multifunctional furniture that helps add character and practicality to your home.
  • For the living room, try a sofa with storage racks under it to keep books and other sundry items.
  • Or go for headboards that have built-in storage for your bedrooms.
  • Choose furniture that adds value, rather than just show-pieces.
  • Personalize it!

  • Add your own personal design touch to the room. This will set your home apart from anyone else’s, giving it a unique character and making it original.
  • If you’re a musician or just love music, you can display music-related mementoes that are close to your heart.
  • If you’re an avid traveller, you can incorporate travel collectables to your décor, giving it that extra special personal touch.

These simple pointers in decorating will not only make your home look chic and stylish; it will also ensure your house is the talk of the town!

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