Living Coral is the colour of the year for 2019. This is a vibrant hue that makes a statement, so here are some dos and don’ts from IKEA for using Living Coral in your bedroom.

Done right, it’s easy to incorporate warmth and life into your modern-day sanctuary with these simple ideas.

  1. Think Small

    Sure, it might be the colour of the year, but you might not want to go all out just yet and paint all the walls with coral shades.

    Instead, incorporate it in the form of smaller accessories around the room or as a piece of furniture like a side table, an armchair or even your vanity.

    Adding fun pops of colour around the room keeps it down to just the right amount of coral.

  2. More than just pastels

    This colour can go with a lot of shades due to its versatility. Pastels are probably your first guess to pair with coral, and you’re right – but did you know coral goes well with darker tones too?

    Experiment with each shade to get the right fit. Blues – especially navy – go very well with coral, as do rich greens and charcoals.

  3. Slow, Sure Steps

    As playful as Living Coral is, it will get a bit too exciting if you incorporate it all at once. At IKEA, we know colour takes a while to sit comfortably in our minds.

    If it is your first time testing the colour, don’t feel pressured to go all out and change all your furniture or try something dramatic.

    Smaller steps such as an art piece or the colour woven into textiles works perfectly fine!

  4. Tropical Tones

    You might think Living Coral belongs with the blues (and we just mentioned it too) but you don’t have to go for that coastal look.

    The magic of Living Coral is that it can be paired with warmer tones, especially to bring colour to areas where there isn’t a lot of natural light. Neutrals, Browns and other earthy tones are a great foundation for this colour.

  5. Children’s Delight

    Decorating your little ones’ bedrooms? Living Coral is not only for the adults, it actually works pretty well in kids’ rooms too.

    According to our IKEA experts, this soft colour can be a great replacement for standard shades and adds a joyful element to the room.

    Try sheets and pillows for the little ones in different shades of coral and watch it all come together.

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