At IKEA, we love giving and receiving thoughtful gifts, so here are some ideas if you are wondering what to gift your loved ones.

  1. Homemade Milk Candles

    At IKEA, we appreciate a really good candle. Creamy milk candles will spread a sweet aroma through your friend’s houses.

    Scents like vanilla and lavender can also be added to the candle wax for an extra personal touch (find out which scents your friends prefer and use those).

    Fill up jars or funny little candle holders and gift it to them as decorative art pieces.

  2. Dog Treat Jar

    If your friends have pets, the way to their heart is through their furry friends most of the time!

    So why not go ahead and make a jar to put all the tasty pet treats in? Etch a sweet phrase or words of encouragement onto the glass or simply inscribe their pets’ names.

  3. Painted Wooden Bowls

    Purchase some wooden bowls and enhance their look to give to friends and family so that they can serve and eat their appetisers in style.

    Small painted designs like polka dots or even flowers are great as patterns, and there are so many others you can try out.

  4. Fabric Tote

    Carrying things just got easier for your friends: sew a tote bag that can carry books, clothes or anything they would like to take along.

    Make sure to pick a fabric you know they will enjoy and sew patterns and designs or quirky phrases on it!

  5. DIY Birthstone Bracelet

    Remember when friendship bracelets were the best thing ever during your school days? Bracelets are super easy to make: all you need are beads, little trinkets and thread or basic bracelets you can purchase and customise.

    For a personal and thoughtful touch, say experts at IKEA, include their birthstones in the bracelet.

  6. Fancy Cupcakes

    Tasty and simple, and the best gift for a friend with a sweet tooth. Vanilla, chocolate, or cheesecake, the flavours you can choose from are endless.

    Decorate them with fresh fruits such as berries or whipped cream and syrup. Lots and lots of sprinkles will look great too.

  7. Personalised Notebook

    For those friends who love to write or jot down things on the go, personalise a journal that they will cherish with their whole heart.

    Make sure to add words and phrases to the covers and layer it with quirky stickers and inside jokes that’ll keep them entertained and inspired.

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