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Easy DIY home decorations for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, and after a year of experiencing everything from the safety of our homes, we might need to do something extra to get into the spirit of things!

Decorations are a great way to start getting your home ready and also get back to your creative side. That’s why we spoke to IKEA’s design specialists to come up with some DIY decorations anyone can create!

Mistletoe decorations 

What you’ll need:

– Artificial or real mistletoe ball (also called a kissing ball!)

– Small greenery and berry strands

– Ribbons and bows

– Hot glue gun

– Pinecones

  1. Trim the stems off the greenery and berry strands to fit your mistletoe ball.
  2. Hot glue them onto the ball, sticking the biggest first and arranging the smaller ones around them.
  3. Use the berries to decorate.
  4. To finish off, tie the red velvet bow at the top, and using the ribbon, hang it on doorways, or from your ceiling.

Mason jar lights

What you’ll need:

– Upcycled mason jars

– Glue and glitter

– Fairy lights

– Epsom salt

– Ribbon

– Branches of greenery

  1. Combine the glitter and Epsom salt in a bowl.
  2. Coat your mason jar with a thin layer of glue.
  3. Sprinkle your mix of salt and glitter over the glue and place to dry.
  4. Drop-in a battery-run candle or fairy lights.
  5. Tie the mouth of the jar with a bow, and fill the jar with berries or greenery of your liking.

Gold leaf ornaments

What you need:

– Ornament Christmas balls (preferably ceramic)

– Paint pens and sponge brushes

– Gold leaf sheets and gold leaf glue

  1. Draw patterns on your Christmas ornaments with the pens.
  2. Once the ink is dry, spread glue using a sponge brush on the lower half.
  3. When the glue has dried slightly, stick gold leaf paper squares on it.
  4. Brush off the excess gold foil and voila! A beautiful ornament is ready!

DIY advent calendars

What you’ll need:

– A pegboard

– 25 tiny drawstring pouches

– Felt sheet

– Treats of your choice to put in the advent

  1. Cut out numbers from your felt sheet.
  2. Then, hot glue them onto the pouches.
  3. You can even decorate the pouches if you want.
  4. Fill the bags with your favourite treats, and hang on the pegboard.

That’s it! These simple decorations are easy to make and will get you into the Christmas spirit in no time!

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