Long beach days, summer activities and restless kids on summer vacation are on the way as the days get warmer. But worry not, if your kids don’t have a treehouse, then a cosy bunk bed or even a cool bedroom nook they can spend their time in is going to make your child’s heart happy.

Redoing a kid’s room is arguably one of the hardest interior projects to handle. This is because, as adults, we sometimes find it hard to create something a child’s mind will enjoy. If you’re looking to revamp your children’s bedrooms for the summer, we’ve got you covered.

A proven method of success is to go with smiling yellows and relaxing blues, add some fresh new textiles, dot pops of exciting colours around and fill their room with soft materials that help with the heat.

Here a look at some easy tips and tricks from IKEA.

  1. Repaint the walls

    After a long school year, giving the kids’ bedroom a refreshed touch of paint is one of the best ways to enhance their space in an easy yet effective way. Let your kids pick out their favourite colours but, of course, make sure the shades and tones match the rest of the interior! Lighter tones are key.

  2. Upgrade the bed

    Your little one might not be so little anymore, and kids grow so fast. Consider upgrading their current bed to a queen-sized bed or even a fun bunk bed! That way, a new headboard and colourful textiles will bring a large shift to the room as it acts as a centrepiece.

  3. A nook

    The perfect addition this summer is a space to showcase all of the creative projects you make together – or even where they can cuddle up and catch up on their reading or watch a movie with their friends. Throw pillows, kids’ curtains, blankets (perhaps a castle tent if it fits?) and good lighting are essential must-haves for a little cosy corner they can relax in!

  4. A wall of memories

    Dedicate a wall of the room to photographs, paintings, and other memorabilia collected on summer vacation and throughout the year. This will add personality and letting your little ones keep treasured memories in view. Adding some string lights may be a good idea, depending on the ambience of the whole room – or you could go with some large, colourful ornaments too to liven up the area.

  5. Organised Spaces

    Summer calls for spontaneous trips and lots of slumber parties and backyard barbecues. So, making sure the kids’ rooms are organised so they can grab and go is a relief! IKEA has tons of kids’ storage units you can choose from and they also come in an array of designs to fit all interior styles.

    With these and other easy ideas from our team, summer is going to be a breeze!

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