Eat food in new tableware this Iftar

Eat food in new tableware this Iftar

Festivals are perfect occasions to splurge a little – on gifts, new clothes and decorations. But at the heart of the celebration is the food and traditions that go with it. Why not make this Iftar a little more special by making your center table come alive with the festive spirit.

A new set of dinnerware is a welcome addition to any home. Whether you prefer your meals to be relaxed and casual, or fancy a more formal approach, you can find dozens of items to suit your style and needs. Put together a collection of crockery with a coordinated look and feel to avoid that overly matched air that traditional dining sets bring to the table.

A mix ‘n match style can look effortless, trendy and charming, if done right. Pair plates in solid colors with printed or polka dotted bowls, add elegant long-stemmed glasses, and use serving bowls in coordinating colours. The thing to keep in mind with this approach is that the colors should go well together and there should be some elements that add interest and make the table pop.

Porcelain and bone-china dishes in plain, soft colors like white and cream can bring an understated elegance. A delicate border, ruffled edges or a raised pattern in the design just adds to their charm. Pieces like these combine well with other tableware to weave different looks for your table.

Presenting the food in appropriate serve ware is the next step – bowls, serving platters, tiered servers and stands. Coordinate these with jugs and carafes for water and drinks to be served with the meal. Set out cutlery for serving every dish and at each place setting.

Small touches like a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers as a centerpiece, or a set of beautiful candlesticks can make the table look inviting. Cheery serviettes in pretty napkin rings, a small gift for each guest and beautiful wine glasses at each place setting would complete the picture.

Go shopping with an open mind and who knows, you might come home with all that you need to set a picture-perfect table this Iftar!

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