A study area is a must-have in every child’s room. This is a space for serious work, and it tends to be a bit more solemn than the rest of the room.  However, according to our expert designers at IKEA, it absolutely doesn’t have to be.

Introducing a few interesting elements to the study area’s décor is a good way to make children look forward to homework time.

Let’s look at some ways to put together a study area that your kids will love!

Fun meets functional

  • When choosing the table, pick something light but durable, so it grows with your child and lasts a few years.
  • Make sure to get one with enough drawers and compartments to hold the many things your little ones will need.
  • Couple it with a child-sized ergonomic chair that is comfortable.
  • The idea is to give your kids furniture that is fun and functional ensuring that they get maximum use out of it.

Neat and tidy storage

  • Make sure the storage system in the study area allows your child to find whatever they need at their fingertips.
  • Desk organisers or a wall-mounted storage system fit the bill when it comes to keeping things within easy reach.
  • Check out IKEA’s storage products like bookcases, shelves, and storage benches, which are indispensable when it comes to storing that ever-growing library of books and equipment, be it for recreation or studies.

Smart board

  • Create a cork board or a mounted board on which important notes or precious pictures can be stuck.
  • This board, depending on the space available, can be big or small and should be within easy reach, so quick notes or important pointers can be pinned on as needed.
  • If you have younger children and don’t want the hazard of sharp objects, then go for a chalkboard or a sticky board on which they can draw or stick pictures.

Light it right

  • Try and set up the study area to receive as much natural light as possible.
  • Good lighting makes a world of difference in the quality of studies that gets done.
  • Augment it with the right artificial lighting. Go for desk lamps with the right intensity and height to cover the workspace.
  • This way, when it comes to those all-nighters for last-minute projects, your kids have all the illumination they need.

We hope these tips will help you on your mission to make studying a bit more fun!

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