Everyone’s best friend is undoubtedly the mirror

Everyone’s Best Friend is Undoubtedly the Mirror

It goes without saying that a mirror is everyone’s best friend. We all want to check ourselves out in it one last time before we leave home. And that one last time doesn’t stop till we finally leave home. Well, who doesn’t want to look perfect? Nobody wants a strand of hair popping out from their perfectly set tresses or have lipstick on their teeth. One quick check is all that is required.

So, why not make the home mirror-friendly and have it at all the right spots so that we can check ourselves out and at the same time add a little bit of drama in the home. Let’s have a look at all these individual areas where mirrors can be placed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall-

You can hang a large one-of-a-kind mirror on any plain wall and make it the focal point of that area. It will not only look great but also make that area look spacious and bright. Or you can also add multiple beautifully-decorated mirrors on that wall and breathe life into it. If you like it simple and classy, then IKEA’s MALMA range of black and white mirrors can look great as wall accessories.

Dining area-

This area is one of the best ones in your home to add an antique finish mirror. And what a sight it is to have this mirror reflect that beautiful chandelier on the top. Quite inviting for meals, isn’t it? But there is a catch. A mirror might allure you towards the dining are, but it will also stop you from binging on food. Your reflection in it will be a constant reminder not to overeat. Great, isn’t it?

Mirrored cabinets-

This is a great idea for small spaces. You can stick mirrored tiles on your cabinets and let it reflect the beautiful room around you. You can do only the top or the bottom depending on your whims and fancies.


You can spruce up the entrance to your home with a stylish mirror so that everyone who enters just can’t do with one look. They must marvel at its beauty once again and then move in. Just make sure to not place it right in the front of the entrance as that could send any positive energy out of your home.

Mirror behind a source of light-  

Placing mirrors behind pendant lights or lampshades increases the light effect and has a dazzling effect on the room as well. It will make your room look fabulous.

All in all, a mirror is not only your best friend, but it is also your home’s best friend!

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