Here is everything you need to know about carpets

Fit it right, Place them right, Dazzling choices, Move over, traditional, Cleanliness in the key.

Carpets were first made in Central and Western Asia during the 14th century, as coverings for adobe floors. In ancient times, carpets were also used to cover the floors of tents, mosques, and palaces. Today, they serve as an aesthetic as well as a practical solution to an unflattering floor.

For all of us who secretly longed for Aladdin’s magic Persian carpet, there are plenty of choices out there, sans the magic, of course. The marketplace offers a variety of plush, flatwoven, round, square, and sheepskin rugs that give comfort, define or highlight spaces or just soften your step. They are also the perfect accessory to your floors when it comes to creating a feeling of warmth and comfort. They’re a good way to show off your personal style and taste.

Fit it right
Carpets can completely change the look of your home. Use one to highlight a cosy conversation area or go with wall-to-wall carpeting to enhance a room’s décor. Whatever the reason, your choice should take into consideration how much traffic a room gets and what style best suits the rest of your décor.

Place them right
High pile carpets can add loads of comfort to the living room, while runners help soften your step in the hallway. You might want to keep vertical or horizontal lines away from staircases though, as they can create an illusion and cause falling accidents.

Dazzling choices
With a huge market dedicated to carpets, you can find one that fits every type of room and mood in various shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. Popular choices are large patterns in deep colors, which are easy to maintain. However, distinctive patterns and sizes have gained popularity when it comes to creativity.

Move over, traditional
It isn’t necessary to be bound by the traditional rectangle or square shapes any more. Try round carpets as a centerpiece or combine multiple small rugs that will define your creative self. For that quirky entry into your home, pick a doormat that’s interesting and gives your guest a reason to smile.

Cleanliness in the key
Although carpets beautify your home, it’s important to choose one that can be cleaned easily. Since they’re probably going to accumulate a lot of dirt, consider giving carpets to a professional cleaner regularly or invest in a good vacuum cleaner for extensive cleaning. You could also choose a wool or flatwoven carpet for easy maintenance.

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