Feng Shui Tips for your bedroom

Feng Shui Tips for your bedroom

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps create a remarkable balance of love, peace and positivity in your life by just making a few adjustments around your house. Bedrooms are not just a sleeping area, but a private retreat to relax and rejuvenate after a taxing and tedious day.  A Feng shui bedroom promises a great flow of positive energy, harmony, balance and calmness around the place.

Here are a few excellent Feng shui tips for your bedroom that ward off negative energy and bring in a new life to your room:

DE-CLUTTER: The first and foremost Feng shui tip for a happy and energetic bedroom is to get rid of all the unused clutter in your room. Dust, dirt and unorganised clutter causes a lot of stress which may result in illness, relationship discords, financial issues and a feeling of unhappiness and restlessness. By tossing out all the unnecessary stuff, you will actually feel the difference in your energy levels and mental calmness.

BED POSITION AND PLACEMENT: The bed is the central element of a bedroom and Feng shui has certain fixed rules for its placement. The ideal placement of the bed is diagonally across the door. This allows for privacy, as well. A bed should never be placed underneath a window that may block the flow of chi or positive energy that comes in. A bed should never be placed near a wall that is shared with the bathroom wall.

BED HEIGHT: To permit a good flow of energy under the bed, ensure that your bed has a great height and should not be very low lying. A bed with a lot of empty space underneath promotes a good circulation of positive energy.

RESTRICT TV AND ELECTRONICS: According to Feng shui, the bedroom is a place to relax and rest. Televisions, work desks and laptops should be kept outside and not in the bedroom. TV and work equipments are big reasons for distraction, sleep disruptions, stress and negative energy. If due to space constraint you need to keep it inside, make sure its position is far from your bed.

Apart from the above tips, one must also avoid keeping mirrors, flower pots and fish bowls directly in front or close to the bed. A clean, uncluttered A Feng shui bedroom ensures good health, happiness and a peaceful mind.

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