The holiday season passed by too soon, and here at IKEA, we are reminiscing about the moments we loved the most, amongst which are, of course, Christmas ornaments that add a sentimental touch to the decorative side of the season. Is it too late to be planning for next Christmas? The answer is a resounding no.

  1. Flowers Forever

    One of our all-time favourite Christmas décor trends from the years here at IKEA: flowers on Christmas trees!  Flowers, such as white frangipanis, look breathtaking against the evergreen of the trees. Adding a few white ornaments too will give it an almost magical feel.

  2. Glorious Gold

    These are definitely going to be a hit with all members of your family: gold ornaments and wreaths are perfect for getting just the right amount of classiness to your décor. White and silver accents will add that extra touch.

  3. Oversized Ornaments

    Big things capture memories in big ways (not that small things don’t!). Delicate but oversized ornaments have been trending the last couple of years. Oversized baubles and stars work great if you really want to pepper your tree with some statement pieces – just make sure the tree is big enough to hold them!

  4. Starry Sensations

    A few large foam boards cut into stars and sprayed over with gold or silver paint for some real shine can work wonders! Hanging them around the house turns it into a nighttime stargazing event and adds to the magic of festive times.

  5. Black and White

    These two contrasting colours have been a theme for many years on Christmas trees and it never quite goes out of style. Black ornaments on a white tree or vice versa (think white against dark green – unless you have an actual black tree!) is an absolute sight to behold.

  6. Wanderlust Wonders

    Travel inspired decorations are perfect for reminiscing your travel memories and sharing those stories! Sometimes, you just want to avoid responsibility and slip off for the holidays. But worry not, you won’t regret being home when you’re laying around the living room with your loved ones with your bellies full.

  7. Quest for Quirky

    Quirky and fun decorations always let you embrace your humorous side. From sneakers to robots or even your favourite pop artists, quirky decorations will give you quite the story to tell on any occasion!

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