Best Chef’s Knives

Find Expert Advice on Choosing the Best Chef’s Knives

Cooking is more fun when you have cut the chilies and not your fingers.  In fact in kitchen you won’t get very far without a knife.  Kitchen knives should be shaped in such a way that it gives you a good grip and be comfortable to use. A chef knife is the core of the kitchen. It’s the most essential instrument you must have in your kitchen. It’s in your hands pre-dinner when you mince shallots and there again when you quarter a watermelon for dessert. So buying a great chef knife is worth some thought.

There are two essential things that you should notice while buying Chef Knife

  • How does it feel in your hand?
  • How well will it hold its edge or stay sharp?

After you take care of these two then the look of the knife should be noticed.

Hold it in your hand it should feel balanced, with a nice sense of heft, but nothing that tires your hand out. This large all-purpose Chef knife will tackle a host of prep, from finely chopping herbs and nuts; preparing meat and hard veg like squash or red cabbage, as well as precision cutting vegetables. They come in a range of sizes (anything from a 15 to 36cm blade), so make sure you buy one that you feel comfortable using – not everyone likes a large knife. The handle should have a firm grip and fit in your hand easily. Spend a bit of money on this one, as a chef knife, depending on how hard you use it, could easily last 30 years or more.

Chef Knives should be fully forged and has a full tang. But it may or may not host a full bolster. Whether or not you like a bolster is up to you, it is no measure of quality, but will make the knife easier to sharpen. Most chef knives are made of high-quality steel that has been tempered and heat treated to new levels of sophistication.

Chef Knives should be at least six inches long, heavy and sturdy, as good for butchering a chicken as it is for mincing garlic. One of the places that’s obvious is in the handle that has a material and a shape that make it comfortable and easy to grip. Chef Knife should be such that it inspires people to cook good food. The quality must be high for the knife to awaken the appetite and withstand everyday use for many years.

So overall knife is an essential piece of kitchen kit, knives can be a considerable investment. Make sure you buy the right one.

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