A highlight of every February, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate with the ones you love. If you love spending Valentine’s with your family, an evening of scrumptious food, good music, great activities and movies to doze off to would be the perfect day.

And not just that one day. At IKEA, we think you can spend the entire month getting the kids involved in making cards and presents for the people they love, to show their appreciation. Here are some fun and out-of-the-box activities for February!

  1. Plan a Trip

    The whole year is still ahead of you in February, so this is a great time to start planning your summer getaway. Get the family involved: this activity is a great way for everyone to participate in.

    Let everyone write down places they want to visit, the food they want to eat and the things they want to do. Making sure there’s something for everyone want to do makes for a fun holiday – and once you’ve decided, you’ve all got that trip to look forward to in the summer!

    Remember: if you’re not able to make an overseas trip, a staycation is just as perfect!

  2. Bring on the Baking

    Nothing gets the whole family involved and excited like baking! Try a bake-off between members or experiment with new recipes. It’s time to bring out – or get new – bakeware and decide what everyone wants to bake.

    Cookies are great, particularly for baking with kids – they’d love to help decorate them too! Cakes and pies are eternal favourites, and you can have a big family feast afterwards.

  3. International Friendship Month

    Get the kids started early on their International Friendship Day cards. Write out thank you notes on personalised cards made with love – a wonderful activity that the parents can help with.

    Make sure you do a run to a crafts store beforehand to avoid disappointment once the crafting session has begun! You will need bits and bobs, so take the kids with you to the crafts store and they can help pick out supplies.

  4. Play Indoors

    Indoors doesn’t always mean everyone has to be glued to a screen! IKEA suggests that everyone gets involved in a fun night of snacks and board games in the living room.

    Or head to indoor play areas and sports centres. Find a fun place to either go bowling, roller skating or ice skating. It is a great way to teach the little ones a new skill.

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