Functional yet stylish TV storage solutions for your home

There’s nothing quite like staying home and reading a book or watching a movie. It’s even better when you get to watch a movie or a game with friends and family. This is why an entertainment area is of great importance in your living space. The thing is that your entertainment area should be well organized and pleasant to look at even when the entertainment is off. Or else, there is nothing more distressing than an ugly mass of tangled wires, dusty appliances and scattered CDs and books.

If you have a small apartment and a TV, a music system and a few CDs, you should consider having a basic TV bench. Basic doesn’t mean ugly though. Go for one in clean lines in a dark shade and wooden finish. On the other hand, if you want one with a jazzier appearance, please go for a TV bench that has wooden flap covers to keep the CD, books and magazines out of view.

Most of us tend to amass a collection of our favourite music, movies and books over time. Therefore, as much as we aspire to have a streamlined collection, we will have a selection that holds sentimental value for us. The more members we have in the family, the bigger the collection. Therefore a bigger entertainment area with ample storage is an ideal option.

You can either have a TV storage combination that comes with wall mounted cabinets or a single unit that comprises of TV bench and storage. The mounted cabinets give a modern look to the entertainment area and maybe this is exactly the look you require for the home. On the other hand, a single unit can have more storage space for all the associated gadgets.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that if the shelves have doors, then you need to leave space for it to open wide. Therefore, don’t place your seating too close to it. Once you have the entertainment area ready, you can arrange your seating around it – comfortable couches and stools, a few rugs and huge cushions are perfect for seating a larger audience.

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