Furniture that compliments your child’s growth

Furniture That Compliments Your Child’s Growth

“Children get up in the morning, and they’re all excited because they don’t know what’s going to happen today. And you and I too often wake up [already] bored because we think we do.”- Marianne Williamson.

Life for us may be monotonous, but not for our children. Each day for them is a brand-new experience that involves lots of playing, learning and discovering new things. So, why not make the most of each day of your child by creating a beautiful and safe haven for them.

You can do this by having furniture in your child’s room that compliments his/her growth. Here are some timeless pieces of furniture that will be perfect for your little one.

Extendable Beds: As the child is growing, it is better to go for extendable beds otherwise soon you will have to go shopping again when your child grows in height. He should be comfortable in bed, so make sure to go for a large bed, one that he doesn’t outgrow fast. BUSUNGE and MINNEN are good ones to consider for this purpose. They can be pulled out as your child grows. Furthermore, their solid wooden slats offer firm posture support.

Multi-purpose tables and chairs: Depending on your child’s age, you can go for a multipurpose changing table or a table with storage units. The former can be used as an activity table for your child’s homework when he/she starts school. And the latter can be used for your child’s homework and other activities as well as store all his book, games and other knick-knacks. So, whatever you go for, think of the usage a few years later.

Rugs: Usually, children are busy doing stuff on the ground. So, a warm and colourful rug would not only look great but would also help the little one to sit and do his drawings, colourings and other activities.

Storage: Storage is of utmost importance in a child’s room with the number of toys and books and other things they have. So, the best way to go is to look for multi-purpose furniture with storage units. So, all their belongings can be stored neatly. Apart from that, baskets, bins and shelves can be incorporated too. If you are looking for multi-purpose storage units with the bed, then Ikea’s STUVA/FÖLJA series are a sound investment. With this loft bed, you get a complete solution for your child’s room – including desk, wardrobe and open shelf unit.

Lighting: When doing the lighting of a kid’s bedroom, you need to consider safety, activities he/she will be doing in the room and different lighting options that can induce playfulness into their room. After that, use a combination of ambient and table/task lighting to get an overall brightness in the room.

Whether small or big, your child is going to love the changes you make in the bedroom as per his/her needs and interests. So, go ahead, make the changes and see that million dollars smile on his/her face once he/she sees his brand-new bedroom!

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