Get Ready for Ramadan with Ideas Inspired by Arab Culture

Ramadan is considered to be a very important month in the Islamic calendar, a time for reflection, meditation and togetherness. With the Holy Month being right around the corner, what better way to greet it than to decorate your house in a manner that fits the occasion?

Check out these beautiful ideas from the design experts over at IKEA to get your home all ready to reflect the Ramadan flavour.

Lights and Lanterns

Ramadan nights tend to be long. Going for an assortment of lanterns will definitely set the ambiance and bring in some much-needed lighting to the space.

After all, lanterns are one of the well-known symbols of the Holy Month, so you just can’t make do without them!

Alternatively, you can opt for decorative light holders to store scented tealights in, or a crescent moon-shaped light for an added Ramadan touch.

Cushion Covers

Add an extra touch of detail to your living room by investing in fabrics with designs that suit the Holy Month.

Instead of going out and buying a whole new set of cushions, you can easily opt for cushion covers instead.

That way, you can switch back to your regular furnishing once the Blessed Month is over – and you save a bit of money in the process! (IKEA has lots of affordable options, so make sure you give those a look!)

Tables and Tabletops

With all the dates and snacks that would be eaten post breakfast, having an extra couple of tables around your living area would be very helpful.

Pair them with a unique tabletop and you’ll be able to add another element of personality. Just make sure it matches your general décor and you’ll have yourself a fancy and functional Ramadan setup.

Decorative Serving

What better way to complete the Ramadan look than with a set of functional serving appliances that fit the Ramadan theme?

A vacuum flask paired with a set of coffee cups and coasters is essential for the blessed month. Set that with a serving bowl containing an assortment of dates, nuts, and other sweets, and you will have yourself the complete and ideal Ramadan serving collection.

Adding these few decorative touches throughout your home is an easy way for you to refresh your décor, and immerse yourself in the Ramadan feeling. By implementing these small additions, you’ll create the perfect Ramadan atmosphere, which will keep your family happy and content throughout the month.

Ramadan Kareem in advance!

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