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If big, showy and gaudy is not your thing, consider an understated, minimalist décor. One of the places you can try this look out is in the bedroom – an important and personal space that too often tends to get cluttered and messy.

Going minimalist is all about cleverly using space and furniture – doing more with less, in short. So here are some simple tips from IKEA’s bedroom décor experts to add a minimalist look without going to too much trouble.

Use space wisely

This is one of the biggest challenges: people very often don’t think of space in a very effective way. Get a bed with storage underneath it, so you can put all your extra clothes into it, saving up a lot of space. Use some of IKEA’s simple, minimalist wall shelves as bookshelves or to keep plants on. We also have shelf inserts that can double the storage inside a wardrobe or cabinet – all of which will make your clutter a lot less visible.

Go monochrome

It is not just having too many things around that makes a place look cluttered – sometimes, it also has to do with having too many clashing colours. It hurts the eye and makes each item look piled on. So, the solution is to go monochrome – but of course you don’t have to have everything in the same range of colours.

Adding a single accent or a dashing splash can also have a wonderful effect. You can do this with vases, lamps, throws, rugs… Just about anything that adds a bright spot in the monochrome space.

Light up the room

Another way to brighten any room is to literally make it brighter: there’s something about a well-lit, bright space that immediately has a soothing effect on the mind. But you don’t need to do that with tall floor lamps or desk lamps: use the ceiling. IKEA has a wide range of pendant lights that you can hang around the room.

Stick a ceiling light over the bed, so you don’t have to clutter up space around it with lamps. Similarly, track lights are a great idea for a dresser or make-up area – they are small, elegant and will shed a lot of light to boot.

Multipurpose furniture

The last trick is to use one item in different ways, doubling up the usage and having the space taken up if you were to have two bits of furniture instead. For example, an elegant free-standing cabinet can also function as an occasional table. Propping up a ladder on one wall can give you everything from a bookshelf to a coat-hanger, depending on the type of ladder.

With all these simple tips, you’ll transform your bedroom into a minimalist masterpiece in no time!

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