Gifting kitchen comfort

Gifting kitchen comfort

We all enjoy the gifts of the kitchen – those sumptuous dishes made from scratch, those lovely aromas that flood the home, the sounds of whistling kettles, oil sputtering in a hot pan and so much more. However, how often do we think of the effort that the cooks put into making those dishes? Is there any way we could make life easier for them? You probably have a well-designed kitchen with all the right appliances and gadgets. Maybe it’s even decorated just right. However, don’t forget that the kitchen isn’t alive unless someone does the cooking and cleaning in it. And if you know that person, here are a few things that would be much appreciated and regularly used by them. They also make for thoughtful hostess gifts.

Aprons are a great place to start. Get ones in a design or colour that the recipient loves. Aprons make sure that there’s always a barrier between the person and the regular kitchen activities that involve the two elements – water and fire such as cooking, washing, spills and more. Other than that it makes sure that the bacteria and dirt on the clothes don’t transfer onto the food.
Tea towels are quaint little things that hardly anyone thinks of until something spills and something’s always spilling or splashing in a kitchen. Be environment friendly with washable tea towels in pretty designs. Just because it’s utilitarian doesn’t mean that it mustn’t be pretty.

Pot holders are an essential kitchen component. True chefs get used to handling hot pots and pans sooner than later, but there’s no need to put your loved ones through that kind of training. Get them comfy, padded, quilted potholders instead.

Oven gloves are a must for anyone who owns an oven. Give them a nice quilted set so that the next time something hot is in the oven, nothing stops them from sticking their oven gloved hands in there.

The quirky, playful cook would enjoy pieces in bright colours and patterns, while those who prefer simplicity would appreciate those pieces in simple designs or muted colours. Either way, buy something of good quality that would be used for years to come and you’ll be thought of fondly almost every other day in the kitchen.

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