We are well into the New Year and spring is just around the corner. Maybe you’re not in the mood for a complete
revamp, but why not go for a mini makeover for your bedroom?

This way, one of the most personal spaces in your house feels refreshed. And don’t worry, follow these simple tips,
from the bedroom experts at IKEA, to spruce up your master bedroom.

  1. Striking stripes:

    Fundamental design and easy on the eyes, one of the most common patterns to go for are stripes in interior

    Whether with horizontal or vertical stripes, you should consider getting wallpaper that covers the whole
    room. Alternatively, you can paint them in using the painter’s tape and painting the spaces in-between a
    color you love.

    Stripes make the room seem less cluttered and spacious. Tip: horizontal stripes make the room look bigger.
    Make sure to keep strips between five and ten inches wide.

    Using a striped lamp or other accessories also helps to enhance the overall look of the room.

  2. Ruggedly rustic:

    Have some antiques you can bring into your room to give it that rustic ambience? Here is your chance to get
    some old prints up on the wall or push that antique chest in your attic to the end of your bed where you can
    store throw pillows or even sheets.

    Try to invest in pieces of décor or furniture such as a lamp, a clock over the bed, or a wooden side table.
    These will bring their inherent imperfection and textures to your master bedroom, invoking a natural calm.

  3. Naturally neutral:

    Give the cooler side of the spectrum a try with colors such as blue, green and purple. Shades of brown,
    black, white and grey are considered drab or boring, but remember that neutrals can be as elegant, beautiful
    and dramatic as warm colors, especially when there’s high contrast.

    The purer colors of the spectrum are quite eye-catching, opines IKEA, so consider plenty of soft fabrics in
    creamy white accents and chocolate brown walls for your bedroom.

  4. Amazing accents:

    If you can skillfully amalgamate accents and fabrics together, then it work brilliantly in upping the
    overall look of the room. An accent wall is the easiest way to make a room come alive; from a metallic
    wallpaper to a brightly painted wall, you can make it as bold as you wish, matching it to suit your
    personality or interests.

    If you happen to have a small room, this is a great way to make a significant change without taking up any
    space in the bedroom.

    Tip: Paint your wall with a dark color such as navy, purple, dark green or indigo. This is because darker
    hues make walls visually recede and give the space an elegant and sophisticated air.

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