Great accessories for your kids room

Great accessories for your kid’s room

Kids love to copy their parents or older siblings. Children nowadays are more open with their opinions and clear about what they want. Therefore it’s no surprise that they have something to say regarding the decor of their own rooms as well. Take them shopping next time and help them decorate their room with fun and useful accessories.


The DIY macaroni frames are cute but even your kids will appreciate an upgrade. Get one or a cluster of frames and help your children select photographs of their choice. This would be a great way to understand why they love a particular picture and the memories associated with it.

Door tags

Respecting your child’s privacy is a great way to get them started on setting healthy boundaries. A set of door tags which they can use is an ideal solution for those times when they want to be left alone.

Clothes stand

A cute clothes stand is perfect for coats and dresses that need to be worn for special occasions. Teach your child to take pride in their appearance and to take care of their clothes and belongings.

Decoration stickers

Even you have to agree, this is a fantastic alternative to having random stickers and pictures stuck on the walls. Give your child a bunch of stickers and let them loose on the walls.

Notice board

Yes, even kids like to collect little posters, cards and quotes to create little mood boards for themselves. Help them keep track of their plans and schedules with a notice board and you can even use this to leave reminders for them.

Mini chest with drawers

Let your child store all the sweet knickknacks and jewellery in their mini chest of drawers. The best case scenario would be if they forget it and pack it away, only to stumble on it as an adult.

Colourful rugs

Children love to play sitting on the floor and therefore an area rug is a thoughtful addition to their room. A cute little area rug can easily add an interesting design element to your child’s room. You could even use it to create a cosy little reading nook with a small chest of books and a few oversized cushions placed on it.

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