Independence Day

Green, White, Black, and Red Furniture for the 50th National Day

Happy 50th National UAE Day! 50 years since becoming a country on the world map! No time to lose here! Unleash your inner creativity and transform your home into your country’s flag. No idea where to start? We are sharing with you different ways that you can incorporate the colors green, white, black, and red into your space in a subtle way. That way, you can celebrate in the most authentic way! Read along…

Mix & Match Your Cushions

Altering the colors of your cushions is probably one of the easiest ways to add color to your home. For this day, we recommend that you add red, green, black, and white cushions to your sofas and spread them in an even way. That is, you can pair the green and white cushions separately, and the red and white separately. That way, you will be able to maintain some classiness in your home while celebrating National day! Now remember, you do not need to buy new cushions, you could purchase cushion covers and replace them with the ones you already have!

Add the Colors Using Candles

One simple way to immerse yourself in National Day is to decorate your home with candles that represent your flag’s colors. You can light up candles around your living and dining room, and you can mix between scented and unscented ones. For instance, you can go for a scented candle in glass in the colors: red, white, and green. And if you prefer the glow without the scent, then unscented block candles are the key.

Decorate Your Floors

How about creating the UAE flag with soft, cozy rugs? Place different colored rugs next to each other in order to make one bigger rug. The combined colors will bring harmony to your space and will get you into the spirit!

Invest in A Side or Coffee Table

If you plan on celebrating National Day, then you must make sure to invest in sleek and stylish coffee tables that will allow you to place your snacks. But know that you can go for white or black tables – a win-win situation here. Why you say? White and black represent the UAE flag, and white and black are universal colors that go with everything! That way, you will know that such furniture will last a while!

Make National Day Mealtime Colorful

50 years is quite a remarkable time! That means that you must celebrate with family and friends. But no in any way! Make sure that you set up your dining table with tableware that represent your nation’s flag. You can go for red paper napkins, white dishes, black bowls, and green vases. That’s just an example though! Here is your time to shine and mix and match!
You have just gone through 5 simple and effortless ways to decorate your home for the 50th National Day! Green, White, Black, And Red for the Win!
Happy decorating!

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