Home decoration ideas for Eid

The festive season is around the corner, bringing with it joyful celebrations and lavish feasts. Now is the time to spruce up the house, to bring in cheer, and scatter a bit of sparkle around. It is not hard to do – a few creative decorations can totally transform your home and make it look festive, warm and welcoming.

Wall dressing creates an impactful focal point for any room. Large, framed wall posters, art or a cluster of dramatic pictures in simple frames draw the eye and can be a great conversation starter. A collage of smiling family pictures will set everyone reminiscing; creating a sociable atmosphere. Large mirrors in ornate frames throw open the room and add grace. A set of mantelpieces or picture ledges are another option for placing frames or interesting curios. And for adding drama and personality to a room just stick on a set of striking wall-decoration stickers.

Skip those old-fashioned streamers and hang an assortment of modern paper decorations like fan medallions in jeweled colour tones to create a carnivalesque atmosphere. Take it further by putting out fragrant potpourri in a decorative bowl and assorted candy in a woven bamboo basket. Set out pretty potted plants; tuck in masses of flowers into an oversized vase. Pile together decorative balls in a wide-mouthed urn, add a few candles, sea-shells or feathers and you have a breathtaking centerpiece for a console table.

Room decoration is not complete unless you’ve got the floor covered. A shaggy rug or a formal carpet, whatever works with your room décor, ties together the look of the room. Also check the doormats around your home – if they are worn out and dirty, replace them with something functional and good looking.

A collection of similar objects like glass bottles in different colours, or ornamental vases in elegant shapes adds a lovely touch to your décor. Shimmering string lights in unexpected places like behind a curtain bring their own charm. This Eid, pick out a few of these easy ideas and create a festive ambiance in your home for your family and friends.

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