Home-made Always Beats Ready-made

As they say, happiness is homemade. And so is home-made food. It is healthy, tasty, made in a clean environment and costs one-third of the price we pay outside. However, in today’s fast-paced times, the number of people eating at home is declining at a fast rate.

Most people prefer eating out, ordering food at home or making quick ready-to-eat meals. And without an iota of doubt, we all know that home-made food is much better than any of the ready-made options mentioned above options.

Yes, ready-made food does offer convenience. But why choose convenience over health? Home-cooked food gives you the liberty to add ingredients of your choice. You can choose healthy cooking methods and add fresh vegetables and fruits in your meal. Ready-made meals, be it from restaurants or packaged ones from supermarket contain a lot of sodium, fat and added sugar. So, don’t harm your body by eating readymade meals every other day.

Eating at home won’t make you binge on food. You can choose your portion size and leave the left-over for the next day. In the restaurant, you don’t want to waste the oversized portions, so you end up eating more than required. Hence, overeating eventually takes its toll on your body.

Furthermore, let’s talk about costs. You can save up a lot if you cut your restaurant visits and eat healthy meals at home. You can create the same restaurant like ambience at home and cook a great meal. You and your family can together set the table with the finest tableware and cutlery. It can be a great family bonding time as well. If you want good quality dinnerware at an affordable price, IKEA is here to help you. Its dishes not only look good but are long-lasting too.

Lastly, if you create a fine-dining experience at home, your family will not want to go out. They will insist on eating at home and calling friends over every now and then. You will also be able to inculcate home-eating habits in your children. Ask them to help you set the table, keep the dishes in the dishwasher once done. All these practices go a long way in making your children the adults you want them to be.

So, east or west home-made is the best! And there are no two ways about the fact that home-made beats ready-made any day!

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