How To Choose The Right Study Table For Your Children Room

How To Choose The Right Study Table For Your Children’s Room

Your child’s room is an integral part of his or her growing years. It’s a private retreat and a small world within the confines of your home. Doing up the room for your little one can be a trifle challenging. While the room should define his persona, the furniture must be durable enough to grow along with your kids. A study desk is one such furniture piece that requires a detailed research and careful planning. With umpteen furniture choices available these days, the decision-making becomes even tougher. Few guidelines to follow while selecting study desk for your kids:


  Be careful about the size of the desk you are planning to buy. While sitting for long hours the kid should not feel cramped or space starved, especially near the foot end. There should be enough room for him to stretch his legs and arms while studying. Also, the work space should be big enough to hold papers, copies, clipboards and books.


A study desk should have ample storage space to house books, stationery, art supplies, files papers and toys. The storage system can be a combination of drawers, cabinets, racks and sliding shelves.


With the technology slowly creeping in our lives, we need multifunctional desks that are perfectly equipped to store iPads, computers, laptops, chargers and mobile phones. Also, these tables should have slots and loops for charging points and cords. A keyboard drawer and a slanting & self-adjusting work area for art loving kids would be an added bonus.


Needless to say, like any other kids furniture, a study desk should pass the tough test of sturdiness and durability. Especially when keeping in mind the adventurous and the high energy phases of your young heroes and princesses. Study tables are available in various materials ranging from metal, wicker and wood to moulded plastic. Choose one that goes well with your budget and lifestyle too. Wood is an excellent choice if lasting value is the consideration. Metal and wicker are also good options if kept protected from wear and tear.

A tough choice to make, but once you bring in a study desk home it should be all about happy study hours, beaming faces and cheerful memories for a life time!!

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