For those of us who are lucky enough to have the luxury of working from home, having a separate, designated zone where you can work without disturbances or distractions is an absolute essential.

So, if you haven’t thought about setting up a workspace for yourself, or if you want to give your existing corner a redo, here are 6 suggestions for creating an inspired home office space. (HINT: You can find all these accessories and more at IKEA!)

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Create a garden-inspired workspace by filling your corner with cute indoor plants, leaf-print curtains, green tile work or maybe even trelliage-inspired cabinetry.

The idea is to turn your space into your own private retreat, a place you look forward to working in.

Get Wheels

If you’re the kind of person who gets bored of the same space quickly, you can create a moving work station in two simple steps.

Buy a wooden top and attach it to a wheeled CB2 base – you’ll have a beautiful desk that can be rolled around according to your whims and fancies.

Calming Blues

Research shows that blue rooms have a calming effect on people. So, consider painting your office space in this pretty hue.

It will not only add a lovely pop of colour, it might also be the destressing influence you need during an especially taxing work week. It’s a win-win really!

Scandinavian Simplicity

A décor trend that’s all the rage, Scandinavian-inspired interiors are bare, simple and contain no fuss.

Think minimal and clean, and you can accentuate the sparse furnishing with calming pops of green or blue.

If you can find a well-lit room or corner to work with, then all the better.

Boho Chic Forever

You can never go wrong with colours on colours: think bold, bright rugs, tons of plants and curios that tell stories.

Add photographs and interesting lights, and you’ve got a dynamic, yet personal space to call your own.

The best part about this is that you can constantly switch it up – there’s never a dull moment in the world of boho chic.

Modern Mystique

Who says workspaces have to be boring? Dominated by lacquer tables, geometric prints, lots of brass and copper detail, the modern look is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s elegant.

If you want to give it a feminine touch, that’s easy too! Go for rounded shapes or curved furniture and add some bright colours here and there.

Have you decided how you want your home office? Time to go shopping and check out IKEA’s collections now!

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