The holy month of Ramadan is one time when people visit each other and socialise more than at any other period of the year. And if you’re planning to have lots of guests over, it would be of great help if your living room were an inviting, warm and cosy space.

But don’t worry: you don’t need a massive makeover. With just some super simple additions to your existing interiors, you can elevate your guests’ moods as soon as they walk into your living room or majlis.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Convenient seating

    A convenient seating area is super important if you’re having guests. Keep it warm and welcoming with traditional touches.

    You will most likely be hosting all of your Iftar parties and tea times here, so make sure there are enough cushions and stools to go around.

    Traditional Arabic patterns on cushions and rugs will amp up that traditional ambience.

  2. Lights and shimmer

    Lights are the quickest way to bring vibrancy during Ramadan. You can choose from a vast range of options at IKEA, from candles, lanterns and lamps to so much more.

    A bright and energetic look is a must for any festivity and this can be achieved not only inside your home but outside as well.

    The concept of ‘more is less’ applies here, as good lighting is one of the few ways that you can make a home radiate beautifully while you make memories with your loved ones.

  3. Wall art

    Another perfect way to personalise a room and give it character is through carefully chosen artwork.

    Photo frames can be switched around in order with the seasons, and if you are looking for a more permanent fixture, art canvases and wall decals are ideal to inspire the festive spirit.

  4. Great glassware

    An essential part of your Iftars and Suhoors, here is your opportunity to showcase your taste in elegant glassware this Ramadan.

    It is a big plus when food is both tasty and presented well, so make sure to invest in glassware that both looks elegant and keeps your food warm.

  5. Coffee/Tea Sets

    With coffee being the preferred drink this time of the year, a beautiful coffee pot, cups and saucers are worth investing in!

    Dessert plates and fruit bowls to match complete the whole set.

  6. Scintillating scents

    Your house becomes more inviting when you keep it smelling fresh.

    And IKEA has a wide range of fragrances you can choose from in the form of candles, burners, fragrance diffusers and Oud for both modern and traditional choices.

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