No matter what you might call it, the living room is where most of the ‘living’ truly happens. That’s why we’ve put together this series of simple, easy IKEA tips so you and your loved ones can have an enjoyable and relaxing time!

Create a focal point 

To avoid a boring living room, you need to create something that stimulates the eye. Instead of a major overhaul, just one single focal point will do the job.

How do we do this? First, pick a point: a fireplace, a large mirror, a dramatic piece of art… Next, whichever you choose, organise the rest of the living room around this.

The key here is to pick colours and patterns from your focal point to apply through small touches to the rest of the room.

Walls aren’t just paint

There are so many ways to decorate your walls, and this is often overlooked by many people.

An inexpensive way to add a dramatic effect to your living room is to have an accent wall, by using mirrors, decals, or a mural.

Note: This could just as easily double as the focal point too!

Assorted shelving 

Invest in a mix of open and closed storage so that you can keep your shelves from being cluttered with anything and everything. This takes away from the visual appeal of the display.

You can also add a variety of smaller shelving options from IKEA’s vast range if one big shelf is not something you’d prefer.

If you have the urge to fill every nook and cranny of the shelves, fight it! Leaving breathing space for the objects you choose to display is much more visually appealing.

For the clutter

This sounds a bit strange, but you need to plan for clutter! Pick from an array of baskets, hooks, shelving, drawers or even trays.

Then, dot these around the living room so you can use it to hold keys, purses, shoes, coats, bags and anything else that would otherwise clutter up space.

Layering lights 

You won’t believe how classy any room can look if you just get the basic lighting right! A common mistake is having one or two big overhead lights. However, these will simply bring in harsh light spots that don’t contrast well.

Lamps are a wonderful addition to a living room, and recessed lighting under shelves or counters will help highlight certain areas beautifully.

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