right way to fold a fitted sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Perfectly? 7 Easy Steps

Folding a fitted sheet the right way is no longer a headache. Some people fold fitted sheets one way, and some fold them another way. But there is one way to fold a fitted sheet so it lies flat.

Once you learn these easy steps, you will fold sheets this way every time. Folding a fitted sheet properly takes only one minute. It keeps your sheets neat, with fewer wrinkles, and makes them easy to take out one at a time.

What You Need:

  1. A fitted sheet
  2. A flat surface like a bed

How to Do It:

steps to fold a fitted sheet perfectly
Folding fitted sheet in a right way (AI generated image for learning Purpose)
  1. Stand up and hold the sheet. Find the two corners on the long side. Put your hands deep inside those stretchy corners.
  2. Bring your hands together like you are clapping, until your palms touch through the sheet.
  3. Push one corner inside the other corner. Gently shake until the corners lie flat.
  4. Lay the sheet flat on the bed, with the stretchy corners at the top. Then tuck the two opposite corners together. Now you have a rectangle folded in half, with the stretchy part tucked in and lying flat.
  5. Swipe your hands across to push out wrinkles so it’s flat. Then fold the bottom half up to meet the top.
  6. Smooth out any more wrinkles. Now fold it in half sideways along the length. Then fold in half sideways again.
  7. Finally, fold up from the bottom. You now have a perfectly flat, folded fitted sheet! Put it with the top sheet and any pillowcases inside a pillowcase to keep your whole sheet set together.

Folding fitted sheets is easy when you know the right way. Follow these 7 simple steps to make your sheets neat and flat. With a little practice, you can fold fitted sheets perfectly in 1 minute. Keeping sheets folded nicely helps them stay wrinkle-free and ready to use.

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