Open spaces without any partitions and rigid walls have been a turning point in the contemporary interior design, say IKEA design experts. Famous across the world in homes and commercial spaces, open spaces come with significant advantages.

However, there are some decisions to be made when it comes to colour and décor in open spaces that can easily stump many. But don’t worry, we’ve got some easy-breezy ways you can incorporate colour to make any open-plan area feel more intimate and unified.

  1. Go for a neutral backdrop

    You were probably thinking of this too, as a neutral backdrop is great for ensuring you have the option of using a range of colours that contrast well with any style.

    A neutral backdrop, such as a white cream, light mauve or beige, also allows you to explore your taste for various styles that could range from contemporary to whimsical or even shabby chic. This kind of background helps to highlight contrast colours and small furniture such as chairs.

  2. Adorn with accessories

    Aim for contrast here: if you’ve got all white walls, go colour-crazy on the accessories. White or plain walls bring a clean look to open spaces, and colourful accessories will form a contrast that takes away the sterilised feel that whitewashed areas tend to bring.

    You can invest in a bright, accented couch for the living room or pop art for the walls. In the kitchen, why not go for patterned china or colourful chairs for the dining table? Just make sure to use colours that coordinate.

  3. Kitting out your kitchen

    If your kitchen is open and you are going for stained cabinets, we recommend a dark stain as the deeper colour will invoke a luxurious and elegant ambience, contributing to the welcoming feeling of a modern and open space.

    You can also consider a bespoke chandelier above the counter to really bring in that elegance, says IKEA.

  4. Focus on the floor

    Area rugs and flooring are the best way to separate or unify two spaces in an open layout room. If the rooms are two different contrasting colours, make sure to use colours that match both.

    Even if they are a few shades different, the eye will still perceive them as a similar shade.

  5. Finally, a tip

    Whether you choose to paint your walls a bright, happy hue or use accents of colour in your home through accessories, rugs, or furniture, make sure that they are colours that invoke a sense of calm within you and your loved ones.

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