Getting your bedroom to look and feel like a million bucks doesn’t have to involve actually spending that kind of money. At IKEA, we have always believed in high-quality but affordable furniture for everyone. So, here are our top tips to give your bedroom that luxe look you’ve seen in glossy home décor magazines. Just follow these simple, inexpensive ideas curated by the design experts at IKEA.

  1. Let there be light

    One sure way to up the luxe ante is to ditch the usual ceiling lights and get a stylish chandelier or pendant light. Just remember to complement it with the rest of the furniture in both size and colour.

  2. Heady headboards

    Choose a headboard that stands out either because of its height, a bold colour, or a glam fabric. Try linen or velvet to give the room an uber luxurious look.

  3. Mirror magic

    A sure-fire trick, say IKEA designers, is to play with mirrors. Place one above the headboard or over each nightstand, or even behind a hanging lamp, to create the illusion of depth and give your bedroom the glitzy look of a star hotel.

  4. Throw it on

    Pictures of luxury bedrooms always feature a throw at the foot of the bed. Invest in fabrics like wool, velvet, or silk to create that expensive look that’ll perk up even the humblest bed. Remember to stick to solid colours or subtle prints.

  5. Curtain call

    Large bedrooms rarely face this issue but, if yours is small, curtains can make or break the expensive look you’re aiming for. Fake space by placing curtain rods just a few inches below the ceiling. Then, when you use long drapes, it’ll give the room a surprisingly bigger look.

  6. Pillow talk

    Another simple and inexpensive way to bring about a decadent look is to, literally, pile on the pillows. Layer them starting with the large, then the standard, and then two or three throw pillows. Fabrics like velvet, silk and faux fur will seal the luxe deal.

  7. Cancel the clutter

    Too much stuff lying around just makes any room look cluttered and shabby. Luxurious bedrooms don’t have to be big; they just need to look the part. Get storage savvy with a world of storage products from IKEA. You’ll have a place for everything and they’ll stay out of sight, adding to the glamourous look you envision.

So, go on, reinvent your bedroom and turn it into a luxurious boudoir.

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